Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Josephine and Joseph Fuka


Josephine Fuka
Born 24 June 1864
Died 27 Febuary 1944

Joseph Fuka
Born 15 April 1861
Died 18 May 1920

This is a pretty simple inscription, but the use of lots of abbreviations can make things tough. In a previous post, I presented a chart with the Czech names for the months, with different forms including the abbreviations.

Another thing this tombstones illustrates is one of the ways that Czech can form feminine names. In this case we see the name Josef "Joseph" and the feminine form Josefa "Josephine". You simply add -a to the masculine form of the name. For tombstones this will generally work, but in other contexts things get more complicated. There is also another pattern you will see for surnames. These, however, are topics for future posts.

This monument (full picture below) is located in Resurrection Cemetery on the South Side of Chicago.

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  1. Thank you for this picture. I am researching my own Fuka roots and have found so many Josef Fukas I can't tell who is who, and on one headstone is both a Josef Fuka and a Josepha Fuka (although not nearly as huge as the one pictured here).