Sunday, December 19, 2010

Genealogy Fun!

Enjoy a genealogical challenge from a guest contributor, my wife Becky, who shares my passion for genealogy if not always linguistics.

Here's a chance to show off your genealogy snooping. You are looking for a password to a website. The password is made up of two words that you can find by following the directions in the rhyme below.

You are welcome to use any resources you have available, but all of the information can be found for free online (though you may have to use a few different websites).

In 1775,
North & Elizabeth had a son John
Our task for you is to arrive
At the date he was christened upon.

On this same date in 1837
Mary (of the same last name) was laid to rest
We certainly hope she made it to heaven
In Churchstanton, find where her body was blessed.

And to this church name, add son
Find his wedding to Bridget A.
Her last name is half the fun
Save this word and keep with the play.

It was the very same day that they were married
that a girl, Maria Tomasa, was baptized
In Tecaxic Mexico she was carried
The last word of her name (in English) is the second word prized.

Put both saved word together (no caps, no spaces). It is a familiar two word English phrase. Go to this webpage:, hit the button to solve the puzzle, and enter the password.

For even more fun, on the other site please post something you discovered about these people in your quest. Maybe you'll find a link to a picture of their home, church or tombstone. Or you can add a record transcription. Are there any connections to your own family tree?

First to post gets bragging rights.

Happy hunting!

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